Welcome to L.A. Pet Grooming! Our mission here is to provide your best friend with a fun/stress-free environment. We are cage-less, so they can socialize and play while they are here. We specialize in all breeds from toy to giant & puppies to seniors! Come on in and give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!

All grooms include nails clipped/ears cleaned/bath. *Anal Glands only by request*


These are our shortest shave downs. Clipper level 4 +. Pricing >>


These are our longer levels of shaving. Clipper level 3 and lower.
*May not be possible on matted/unmaintained coats. Pricing >>

02.Bath & Tidy

Re-Trim face and sanitary trim. Brush & fluff body, no length taken off. Pricing >>

04.Super Tidy

    Same as a bath & tidy but also includes scissoring the legs and bum. Pricing >>

L.A. Pet Grooming Testimonial:

"Toffee Gadek is a 15 year old cat, he started getting all these knots in his fur. We couldn’t even hold him it got so bad. It was March of this year (2012) and we were worried maybe it would be too cold out to shave him but we had no choice. We got him shaved like a lion at L.A. Pet Grooming and he is a totally different cat now and we can’t stop picking him up! Shyne runs around our backyard all day and his white fur turns very dirty looking & he starts to smell. We bring him to L.A. Pet Grooming for a bath & tidy and they make him smell delicious and feel soft again!”
-Joanna Gadek


Rest In Peace

Paying respect to clients who we have sadly lost! “All dogs go to heaven!”

  • Truffles Thomas, Bichon Frise
  • Belle Shipley, Springer Spaniel
  • Smudge Guimond, Shihtzu
  • Mocha Larmand, Chocolate Lab
  • Bella Giovannelli, Bassett Hound
  • Turbo Schwab, Shihtzu
  • Max Boulanger, Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Shadow Asztemborski, Cat
  • Billy & Bobbi Gray, Pomeranian/Poodle
  • Jasmine Karim, Lasa Apso
  • King Quartarone, German Sheppard
  • Gilmore White, Husky
  • Emma Kennedy, Bichon Frise
  • Ozzie & Nikki Mearns, Bearded Collies
  • Casper Delmedico, Toy Poodle
  • Holly Rochan, Border Collie
  • Patches Grondin, Shipoo
  • Meeko Hayes, Lasa Apso
  • Baily Munro, Lab
  • Obie Fung, Shihtzu
  • Stately Quartey, Lab
  • Jackson Patterson, Shipoo
  • Judy Lourenco, Lasa poo
  • Gordie Byers, Bichon Frise
  • Sheckler Torok, Polish Sheepdog
  • Derry McCabe, Miniature Poodle
  • Molly Uden, Miniature schnauzer
  • Lady Grey Manchester, Cat